After your Session, you will return to the studio between 7-14 days later for your Private Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment to view your images and select which ones you would like to purchase. 

You have the option to set up a Pre-Session Payment Plan now or you can pay in full at your ordering appointment

When you pre-purchase your Collection or A La Carte choices, 

it allows us to create images during your session with specific products in mind and ensures your greatest satisfaction.

Pre-purchasing is not required, however if you wish to take advantage of our Payment Plans, 

you must do so prior to your session. We do not offer Payment Plans after your session. 

If you do not do a Pre-Session Payment Plan, you will be required 

to pay in full at your Private Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

You will receive the Collection Pricing Guide shortly.

Luxury Albums

Art (16-inch) Specialty Display Album- $2575

Standard (12-inch) 35 Images - $2275

Medium (10-inch) 25 Images - $1975

Little (8-inch) 15 Images - $1675

Diamond Cover - $250

Add Spread - (1) $100 or (5) $450

Heirloom Box

Handmade in the US, this custom glass box is available with 4x6 Archival Prints or 8x12 Archival Prints Matted to 11/14


4x6 Box11x14 BoxEntire Session - $2975
20 Images - $2275
60 Images - $2275
15 Images - $1975

40 Images - $1875
10 Images - $1575
20 Images - $1275

Add 5 Images - $300Add 1 Image - $195