Miss H - I am not fat, I have fat.

I did this photo shoot for me, to thank my body for showing up each and every day even though many times I don’t treat it, feed it or talk to it all that well. You see, I wanted, no, needed to heal an old wound that I’d been carrying around long enough. The wound was from when I was married in my 20’s. He could only accept me if I was skinny and fit the mold of what he believed I should be. I tried, for 10 years of marriage to fit his mold. I just couldn’t anymore without completely losing myself. When I was in the process of leaving him, he told me that no one would want me, that I wasn’t worth it. I carried this pain around for a very long time, releasing bits and pieces along the way. I even added over 70 pounds to my body because on some level I wonder if I believed it. Now, here I am, a 58 year old woman, owning her power, her sensuality and sexuality. Nothing is stopping me. I am empowered because I believe in myself. I am wanted and desired but that isn’t as important as loving myself. This is continuing to be a work in progress, but I love every wrinkle, fat roll, soft skin, sexy legs, healing hands, and loving eyes. I am not fat, I have fat. I am a soul, having a kick ass human experience!

Fresh Photos with the Bomb Lighting

I’ve heard this song on the radio lately, and one line in particular really speaks to me. Fresh photos with the bomb lighting are literally what we do: All day, every day, every session.  For us, beauty, and the recognition of beauty isn’t a fad or cool song. It’s been at the heart of every portrait I’ve created for the entirety of my career.

But don’t kid yourself: I’ve absolutely got Lizzo on repeat.

You’re feeling nervous…. not sure your hair is long enough, or if your make up will look right? We got you, Mama. Our team of seasoned professionals are not only pros at hair and make-up, but they are also *women* who have each struggled with their own days of insecurity, so we get you. We work hard to create a safe, welcoming space where you can relax and trust us to bring out your most beautiful you.

Now, just for a second, let’s break down what that actually means…  You may, (depending on how cool your Mom or Grandma were) have a collection of soft-focus images with a series of naked shoulders wrapped in feathery boas with very, very, very big hair with bigger bangs, and lipstick so red it could double as an airplane landing strip, created at a studio in a mall just a stone’s throw from the food court. Heavily stylized glamour shots were certainly fun to do, and they are fun to have, but they were cookie-cutter ideas of what “beautiful” was. We’re so past that, and honestly, I’m here for it.


Real talk, ladies. Usually, before a session, I hear a lot of ‘what’s’… what would I wear? What would I do with my hair, my make up? However, *after* someone’s session, the only thing I usually is “when do we get to do this again!?!”

 Not only is it fun to be pampered, to have a whole afternoon set aside where no one is asking you a hundred questions and pulling you into eight directions, but it also feels fantastic when everyone is present and relaxed and focused on supporting you! On top of that, when we’re done, you have amazing boudoir portraits, you know the ones with the bomb lighting that remind you of just how sexy and gorgeous and bold and beautiful you are

 Listen, I’ve known the secret to sexy for several years, and artists like Lizzo are shouting the secret loud and proud:  It’s loving the body you have right now and celebrating it. Fresh photos and bomb lighting, and a team of professionals are right here ready to celebrate!

Miss J - Living life her way and finding happiness.

My girlfriend had a mini-shoot through Shalista to mark off her bucket list...I had actually never heard of a boudoir shoot but realized immediately that I needed this in my life. I NEEDED to feel the way these gorgeous women looked, not ever really expecting my photos to even compare to THEM. I was a nervous wreck, needed to lose weight, wanted all these things to happen prior to my photo shoot. The day came, the weight wasn't lost, the nerves were still raw... this was by far the most amazing and empowering experience I have ever had! My adult daughter didn't even recognize her own mother (obviously done with the utmost taste)and my husband was so in love with the photos, that he wanted to show everybody....we had to come to an agreement of ones we would share but is totally now interested in doing a couples shoot! The afternoon with Shalista was absolutely magical and even with many years of prior physical, mental and emotional abuse- I can look back to my album and know that I am a total goddess! I would do it again tomorrow!!! Trust me, just book it- IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Shalista became a true friend that day, one to last a lifetime.

Miss M - She's baaaaack and better than ever!!

From Miss M!

I am on my second boudoir session with Shalista, and will hopefully be doing my third soon!  My first session was about healing my self-image, learning to love myself and letting myself process and let go of a lot of negativity I carried.  The second time around, the name of the game was feeling sexy as hell, having fun, and nailing the door shut on all of the trauma I had carried around for years.

Going into it, there was never a question about who was doing my second shoot.  Shalista’s photography skills are second to none, and she made me feel so comfortable during my first shoot.  I was surprised, though, by how nervous I found myself going into the second shoot; even though I knew exactly what was coming! 

When I walked into the studio, Shalista greeted me with a big hug.  We chatted about life, work, and family while I got done up. The hair and makeup artist, Angelique, sat me down and made me look and feel like a goddess.  By the time we started shooting, the nerves had all but vanished and I felt like I was just chatting with an old friend who happened to be taking pictures of me in lingerie.  The entire shoot was full of laughter, sharing stories, and SO much fun. 

My biggest worry (both times) is that I didn’t “know” how to be sexy.  During the shoot, Shalista was amazing with how she was able to coach me on exactly how to pose.  She talks you through everything from head to toe, so I never had to wonder if I looked good with Shalista working her magic on me.  She had me hanging upside down from a swing and, sure, it felt a bit awkward; but she managed to capture one of my favorite shots in spite of all the laughter in the meantime.  In case you were wondering how committed Shalista is to giving you your dream shoot:  she let me set my (former) marriage license on *actual* fire to get a shot.  That’s commitment!  Lol

I was so anxious to see my images!  At my viewing, I was just as astonished at how talented Shalista is as I was the first time around.  Honestly, I still can’t believe the woman in those images is me!  Briana was so sweet and patient with me and let me review the images over and over when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to order.

I can’t wait to do it again and I’ve recommended Shalista to all of my girlfriends.  A couple of them have even already done shoots of their own!  If you’re on the fence about booking a shoot, I cannot emphasize this enough:  whatever your reasons for not doing a shoot?  Ignore them.  Schedule one, and soon, because you deserve to see how beautiful, wonderful, and powerful you are just because of the skin you’re in.

Miss B - The Ultimate Groom's Gift

Looking for a great wedding idea? Miss B gave a gift he’ll never forget! Remember to book 6-8 weeks before your wedding to make sure you have the great wedding gift ever in your hands on the wedding day!

Brides… when it comes to wedding planning, booking a wedding photographer might be important, but don’t forget that a boudoir shoot will be fun and just for the two of you.

Battle scars, Home Runs and Getting Naked | Sioux Falls Boudoir

Do you know who Lauren Chamberlain is? If your daughter isn’t chasing around after a 12” yellow, leather ball, you might not know just how amazeballs Lauren Chamberlain is, AND even more importantly, if you don’t know what Chamberlain knows you probably need to hear it, we all do.

Body Positive Boudoir

 When approached by ESPN to pose NAKED for the cover of their Body Issue, Chamberlain jumped at the chance. As she shared it, she’s not as “jacked” as typical ESPN athletes, she didn’t possess the slim curves of girls she saw on Instagram, she was thicker and bigger… but she recognized that HER BODY was worthy of celebration. Her body, with all its curves, strength, hard work and hitting mechanics, has the stature it needed to hit over 90 home runs earning her the title of having the most NCAA career home runs: ever.

Lauren Chamberlain wants you to see her curves and appreciate their value and their beauty.  She wants you to understand that her body *has* to look the way it does to give her the *power* to be the athlete she is. Just like the curves and shape and stature of YOUR body gives you the power to be the best Mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, co-worker! Your body is your power, and it is beautiful. Capturing that body in it’s pure, naked, and honest form is empowering.

That’s the thing about this body love journey: its life long, it’s full of struggle, and it’s ageless. We compare ourselves to others.

That’s the thing about this body love journey: its life long, it’s full of struggle, and it’s ageless. We compare ourselves to others. We see those Pinterest walls, those Insta posts, or the seemingly perfect bodies that float by as we scroll our Facebook feed… but we don’t know everyone’s story. We don’t know their struggles, or how many hours they spend at the gym, or how many minutes they spend looking at *our* feed and feeling the same way about us! The crazy thing is IT DOESN’T MATTER! Your body is yours, it has battle scars of babies created, PCOS battles fought – which were won and lost and won and lost again – but you’re there getting up every day, showing up for your family, your friends, your work – and your body… it shows up with you. It works hard for you helping you do the things only you can do.

You have the stature of a Badass Boss.

Did you work super hard and lose 25 pounds?  Did you slip on those favorite jeans which now fit again after having your sweet babe? Let’s celebrate those new curves!  Let’s take them for a test drive and show them off! Did you just drop off the kids, answer fifteen emails, organize the coach's gift, clean your house and then reward yourself with a glass of wine and the last chocolate cupcake leftover from last weekend’s BBQ….?  Heck yeah, Mama! Get it! Give yourself those little rewards: you’re worth them! Give yourself, or rather give ME, the chance to celebrate everything you put into that body and all the good and beauty that it is and let’s capture it!

We have a team of hair and makeup specialists whose only job is to spend several hours pampering you, and together we illuminate the gorgeous, badass boss that you are. Is there any reward, any self- care, better than that?  Honor your stature, celebrate that body that does all the things and shows off its beauty. My team and I are here, in the proverbial dugout, ready to celebrate your every curve, every smile, and every last bit of your sexy confidence.


Is Boudoir Porn? NO | Sioux Falls Boudoir

I see you sneaking around my galleries with visions of you in your man’s favorite jersey with the light cascading on your perfectly made curls. I see you, Mama, and I want you to know:  it’s okay!  I know that society and the world, and sometimes our own Mama’s, have informed us that pictures of semi-clad or naked women are somehow “bad,” or they are ‘porn.’ Ladies, let me assure you that the stunning and powerful images I create with these amazing women inspire me, they empower them, and each one is a piece of art, it is not porn. They are an artistic avenue to push your boundaries, unleash your inner sexy boss babe, and be bold.

First of all… if you don’t know the difference between Michelangelo’s David and anything made by Larry Flint, then you might not know the difference between what is commonly considered porn and modern-day boudoir photography. Just like we already know that all leggings are not created equal, not all images of a naked woman are either, and they often have different intentions in what emotions they wish to invoke in the viewer.

The Renaissance brought about the return of pride and appreciation of nudes when Pope Julius the II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, which is adorned with nude figures in the Creation of Adam and others. These are nudes whom people travel from all over the world to admire because that is why they were created: for people to admire these women. That’s what I do, create boudoir images and you, and whomever you choose to share them with, get to admire them.

That’s what I do, create boudoir images and you, and whomever you choose to share them with, get to admire them.

Boudoir isn’t about objectification; it’s about appreciation. When was the last time you sat and had a good, long, appreciative look at you? When?  Was it a month ago, a year ago… this morning? Whenever it was, I can promise you, that you are *not* doing it often enough. Boudoir photography is appreciation photography. Boudoir is confidence and freedom and power:  aren’t you ready to see and appreciate those things?

Boudoir photography is appreciation photography.

Girl, I know you because I am living the same life.  You’re up before everybody, going to bed after everybody.  You’re answering 15 emails, picking up take-out, running baths, mopping floors and folding laundry all while making sure the love/comfort/happiness meters of everyone in your life is full… but who is refueling your meter? Let’s refuel your meter with love and confidence and appreciation. Our team will pamper you, and together we can create images which fuel your beauty meter because that is what boudoir photography does.

The truth is, our moms and grandmas Glamour Photography of the 90s full of feather boas and pearl necklaces have grown up into the boudoir photography of today, and I am here for it.  Let’s be authentic; let’s get real and show you who you are by creating a new view of you. We can be bold and confident by pushing these boundaries and creating a space where you say, this is me, and I am one gorgeous, semi-clad, proud Boudoir Boss Babe.

Miss N - Fitness Goal Celebration!

From Miss N <3

So, I'd thought about one of these shoots for years, but never actually pulled the trigger. I met my fitness goal so I decided, why not show it off, and I booked a shoot. Im so happy I did! It was a great experience, I almost feel like now that I really know what to expect, I need to do another one! Next time, I think I need to be more prepared with props to really make it my own! 

Miss M - Ultimate Groom's Gift

From Miss M ❤️

I had been trying to come up with a unique grooms gift for my fiancé...and this couldn’t have been more perfect! Shalista is so sweet and down to earth! When I arrived she showed me around the studio and introduced me to the ladies that were doing my hair and makeup. They were so sweet as well! They all put you at ease as soon as you arrive. Shalista directs you and coaches you through all of the poses. The main thing I was worried/nervous about was walking around in lingerie and being nude in front of a complete stranger and it was like I was hanging out with a friend I’ve known for 5 years. Shalista makes you feel so amazing and it’s not awkward one bit! She also has a large (and fun!) selection of outfit choices, shoes, and samples of work so you can be sure you'll get exactly what you envisioned! When the shoot was over I was a little sad as I was having so much fun and didn’t want it to come to an end! I went in to the studio to pick out my proofs and had such a hard time narrowing it down! I couldn’t believe that it was ME up there on the screen!

My book came in and it’s been so hard to keep it a secret from him! I absolutely love everything about it! I can't WAIT to give him his gift on the morning of our wedding! He's going to flip! And, I can honestly say if the photos make it up on the wall in the man cave, I would not be embarrassed! This experience started out as a gift for him but what I got was so much more! If you were considering photos at all, you NEED to do it -- and you NEED to go to Shalista! You won't be sorry! XO

Miss K - When I look in the mirror, I see a worn out, broken lady with many physical flaws that I can’t look past. 

From Miss K

I owe Shalista everything! 

Building up to my shoot I was hot and cold. One day I was pumped and ready to do this and the next day I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to cancel.

 I’ve recently had 2 babies, practically back to back. I wanted to do this shoot for my husband but mostly for me. I wanted to see myself how my husband sees me and Lets face it, we are our own worst critics! When I look in the mirror, I see a worn out, broken lady with many physical flaws that I can’t look past. 

The drive to the shoot I had a massive panic attack! My husband was driving me and I begged him to turn the car around and I would just suck up my losses. He convinced me to just do this and get it over with. I figured what the heck, I don’t have to show anyone the pictures if I don’t want too, nobody has to know. 

Once the shoot started going I felt at ease, Shalista is amazing at distraction! She just carried on a conversation and half the time I didn’t even know she was shooting, I was there but I wasn’t. 

After the shoot was over I was so sad!!! The time went by so fast and I wasn’t ready for it to be over. We ended the shoot with the one pose I was trying so hard to build myself up to doing. I did it and yet I was so proud! 

All of the photos were amazing! I struggled picking out my favorites. I’m so happy with the products, and especially the album!!! They were all so beautiful, classy and tastefully done. I wouldn’t trust doing a shoot like this with ANYONE else! 

I would totally recommend Shalista to anyone and everyone! You surely won’t be disappointed. And I cannot wait to return to the studio and do another shoot!! 

A couple's boudoir session ON FIRE - Mr and Mrs B

I have a lot of requests from people about doing couple’s boudoir sessions. I have always done them, but those couples chose to keep their images private - and I totally, 100% respect that. But how do I convince other couples to do a boudoir session if they don’t know what one looks like?

Well, I invited some couples in for sessions. Mrs. B replied that her and her husband had been together for years and had built a lovey family and a bunch of kids while still also being insanely in love and hot for each other. So, I had to have them in the studio for their own session and they about burned the studio down. These two are FIRE. Wow.

One thing people wonder about couple’s sessions is if it’s going to be awkward. It’s totally not. It’s more silly then sexy. I’ve been photographing people for 16 years at this point and can direct people very well and they don’t even realize how sexy they look! These two were so fun to work with and their chemistry was off the hook.

Couple’s sessions can range from fun and playful, to super sexy and intimate, but there are rules and things don’t get out of hand. I’m not that kind of photographer… just saying. I just want to help couples explore their steamy side together. A couple’s boudoir session is an amazing way to reconnect.

From Mrs B

Shalista was amazing from beginning to the end. You always answered our questions super quick. When my husband and I first got ready for the photos, you sat us down and asked us questions about our relationship. That was fun for us to reminisce about how we met and our first date! You started shooting us and it felt so natural! We chatted through the whole shoot and you felt like an old friend by the time we left.

Shalista, you’re truly an amazing soul. I felt like I had known you for years by the time we left. Your personality is the best. I’m literally dancing topless and chatting with you about kids like it was a regular day with an old friend.  

Miss T - I felt beautiful, something I truly never felt!! 

From Miss T

I came across your Facebook page and started following it. I loved reading all the other feedback and stories from all the other women. For the first time in my life went lingerie shopping, and was constantly looking at all the pictures trying to get ideas. It was awesome getting my hair and makeup done. Definitely calmed me down. I was super nervous weeks leading up to the shoot. I was so nervous if I could pull off the shoot and what I would look like. About 10 min into the shoot I felt amazing, I felt like I was actually a model and felt beautiful, something I truly never felt!! 

I was super nervous to see if I truly did pull it off, until Shalista sent me my sneak peek  picture and absolutely couldn't believe my eyes!! I found myself looking at it all the time. The pictures were a gift for myself and my boyfriend!

His very first response was when I walked out the door from having the pictures done and the look on his face was just WOW!!! He said I was absolutely beautiful and couldn't wait to see the pictures. He knew I was doing the shoot, but I kept all my clothing choices a complete surprise. I brought him to the viewing, the response was priceless!!!  I remember Shalista playing the slide show, saying we needed to pick our favorites and he said " Your gonna make me choose!!! I want them all" " Wow just wow, you look like a model" He loved them and wanted them all! He couldn't believe I actually went through and did the shoot. He never thought I would do something so out of my league! Hell yes I would do another shoot, no questions asked!!! I tell everyone that its something every women need to experience at least once in their life!

Miss J - the NEW ME.

My first shoot was decided after seeing a friend's pictures, and I loved them and wanted to have the experience.  My second shoot was decided on because I had just hit 6 months of sobriety, and I was thinking of what I wanted to do for a present for myself.  My body had changed a lot in those 6 months, but more importantly my confidence had changed too and I wanted to do a shoot with the "new me.”

It honestly is a life changing experience. Every woman should consider doing this.  I have always struggled with body image, or never feeling enough in that aspect.  My shoots have changed the way I look at myself.  I feel so damn beautiful walking out of your studio, like a queen.  I feel empowered by being able to love pictures of ME. Self love is so important, and my shoots gave me the power to dive into my self love. I won't ever regret my shoot.  It has been a part of my sobriety journey because it was able to give me strength to see myself as ENOUGH and BEAUTIFUL and CAPABLE.  I'm so grateful that I got to do this for myself, and to have Shalista as part of that journey.