Welcome to our Boudoir Only Blog and Website!



I am so thrilled that you've stopped by to visit. I've been photographing boudoir for over 10 years, but finally decided to make this a home on the web for just my boudoir clients.  

Voir Mon Amour means "to see my love" in French. I have a think for Frenchy stuff, so it fits. :) I thought it was a great name for a boudoir business. 

About 10 years ago I was into my photography business for about a year and had mostly been doing weddings and some seniors. A friend of mine wanted to do a special gift for her husband, a member of the local fire department. With the help of his buddy, we were able to get into the firehouse, into his gear and pull of one HOT photoshoot. I was hooked and loved how awesome and beautiful my friend felt, and how surprised and blown away her husband was.

10 years have since passed and I've photographed a few hundred different women. From a 65 year old grandmother who divorced and found new love, to a 20 year old bride to be. One of my favorite shoots ever was two best friends in their 50s who  both were newly divorced and empty nesters. They brought a bunch of fun outfits and just had a ball spending the day pampering themselves with hair and makeup and having fun with their best friend. I have photographed women of all shapes, ages, figures and backgrounds. I hope that I made each one feel beautiful and gave them a chance to reveal their inner goddess. I truly believe that NOW is always the best time to have a boudoir session. I'm guilty of making excuses about my body, my hair, my stretch marks, my belly, but the men who love us, love us for who we are. And when you come to my place, we will pamper you with hair and makeup and post and primp you in great lighting so that you shine.

From boudoir, weddings and seniors, women and girls are our favorite subject. I want my brides, my teenage beauties and my mothers, sisters and friends to leave my studio feeling more beautiful than ever. 

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to photograph you.