How I keep your boudoir images private.

One of the concerns a lot of clients express to me is how private their images are. I would love to explain how your images and privacy are protected. There are plenty of people out there that will take advantage of a woman's vulnerability. This is something to be aware of when looking for any boudoir photographer. Even if you aren't working with me, make sure the person you choose is professional and trustworthy. Unfortunately, many women are flattered when "photographers" ask them to "model" for them.  When I put out a model call, I am genuinely looking for real women that have the confidence to show themselves to other potential women clients.  Those women all sign a release giving me complete permission to use their images for marketing. When you book a private session, you are in control of how the images are used. I will never use your images without your permission.

1. Nothing is ever shared without your permission.

When you book a boudoir portrait session with me I send you a boudoir agreement that lines out the studio policies and expectations, but also includes a model release.  A model release allows me to use or share your images, or not, based on your preferences. I always respect my clients rights and would never share images if you asked me not too. The number one reason I ask for permission is I want to show your images to other women who are nervous about doing a boudoir session. i love being able to share our sessions so other girls know that real women do this every day.

This is my boudoir model release:

Model Release

The photography studio understands that boudoir photography is very personal and our studio respects your privacy. We will not share images online or in print without your permission. We never sell images to third parties. Because of this please mark the appropriate box regarding privacy & usage by our studio. *

  • Please keep my images private, do not share with anyone
  • I will allow the Photography studio to use images show other potential clients samples (only books in the studio & only lingerie shots, no nudity)

  • I will allow the Photography studio to blog or showcase lingerie images on websites as long as it is associated with the studio (including blogs for boudoir & photography sites).

  • I will allow the Photography studio to use lingerie images for promotion (prints, emails, books at lingerie stores, websites.

  • I will allow the Photography studio to use nudes (tasteful of course) on the studios personal website.

  • I will allow the designated Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist to have lingerie images for their portfolio or website

You have 100% control of how your images are or are not used.

2. Your images are not posted online, ever.

My studio does in person sales sessions. This means after your boudoir session, you come back into the studio and together, you and I will look at your images on a screen at the studio. We will pick out your images together and decide on protects in person. Your images are never uploaded to the internet. They are only stored on my computer at my studio and I am the only one with access to the images. 

3. You will have actual prints and products of your images to give.

I believe the best way to view images is in a printed product. I believe this for lots of reasons! Having a gorgeous album is much more romantic to give than a USB drive. You are not going to be posting your images on Facebook ( I think!) and you probably won't be comfortable printing them at the local mini-lab (which I highly discourage anyway). Having a printed album of your boudoir session is a beautiful gift as well as a safe way to treasure your images. You don't have the risk of losing the files or having files stolen and posted without your permission.

All of my products are printed at professional labs that work only with professional photographers. They have been in business for years and also believe in protecting their clients (me) and their clients, clients (you.)

 I do offer digital files if you choose to purchase them, but once they leave my studio, I am not responsible for where they end up. My digital copies will always be safe, but unfortunately, I can't guarantee yours.