AIBP - Association of International Boudoir Photographers

I am now a member of the Association of international Boudoir Photographers! 

This group/ community of members from all over the world ultimately have the same goals- To empower women & doing this in the most artistic & classy way possible. Capturinga woman's soul through photographs. It is a place for artists to come together and showcase their passiontalents,experiences, skill & more.

The Association rewards photographers (and/or their subjects) with industry recognition, cash prizes, a chance to be in a gallery exhibition, & much more. Their international panel of judges consists of award-winning professionals in their artistic field, from celebrity photography & digital marketing in Los Angeles, a Sports/Talent Agent in Denver, a screenwriter and independent filmmaker in New York City, to a highly regarded Italian Artist featured in many well-known global publications.

So THANK YOU "AIBP" for allowing me to be apart of this group of TALENTED Photographers & helping us HELP each OTHER grow!

Shalista Anderson is the only boudoir photographer in Sioux Falls to be a part of the association!