Things I have learned shooting boudoir.

Some thoughts have been floating around in my head about my job and what I do and what I have learned. 

Everyone has issues.

I have been a fluffy girl my whole life. I always assumed (ASSumed) the skinny "perfect" girls had it made. They couldn't possibly have body issues or insecurities. They do. Big, small, curvy, flat, we all have issues. I incorrectly thought that being thin meant you automatically loved yourself. It's simply not true. Women struggle with their body image and their self worth and it doesn't matter their size or age. It's often heartbreaking to me, but my hope is that each women that leaves my studio feels sexy AF and sees herself in a whole new loving way. We have pressures from every direction in our lives and loving ourselves is something we can all work on.

Everyone is nervous

Ok, every once in a while people aren't nervous, but being nervous is a totally normal reaction for most people. You are getting naked in front of a stranger who also has a camera! Ok, totally understandable that you would be nervous.  People are nervous because of the unknown - How do I pose? How do look sexy? Will my photos turn out? Will I be awkward?   All the unknowns. Some people manifest their unknown by asking a million and one questions. Some need to meet me in person and make sure I am a real human. 

What I do know as that as you enter the studio and we start talking the nerves fade away. You get to embrace who you are as a woman. You can let go. You can be YOU. I just help you get there.

Boudoir is empowering.

We've been hearing that word a lot in the media lately. WOMEN empowerment. I worry that it will become cliche, but after-all, the experience of being a women and doing boudoir IS empowering.  I had my own boudoir shoot last year with an incredible photographer that I now consider a friend. I really wanted to do it for my husband. He's a great guy and always is telling me the sweetest and nicest things, but I don't ever believe him. (Does that sound familiar at all to you?) So, I wanted to do this shoot for him and a little for myself. I felt like it was fair to walk the walk. I was nervous (see above) and had all the same fears my clients do. Fast forward to the shoot and receiving my images and I felt EMPOWERED. Like, holy shit, I am beautiful.  I can be sexy. I can wear this thing I like or do my hair how I want. I gained so much confidence with myself and happiness with who I am as a person.  From talking to my clients after their sessions, I know this to be true for a lot of women who come to me. They start out wanting to do something sassy for their partner, and end up realizing that they are the one that received the biggest gift. They can walk taller, give less Fs about what other people think and know that they are sexy and beautiful and perfect RIGHT NOW.

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