Miss L - There wasn’t one that I didn’t like!

I have been following both of your Facebook boudoir pages for maybe a year and have always wanted to do a shoot but never did. My excuses were:too expensive, I’ve gained weight and this is the most I ever weighed, I could never look as good as the other gals & then my friend did a shoot. I was so excited for her and she showed me all of her book, told me about the awesome experience she had, & her husbands reaction. I loved how all the photos looked amazing and were different for each person that was on your pages. You had a special and I decided then and there that I was going to do it. I was prepared by all of the informative emails that I received before my shoot. When my shoot arrived both the makeup artist and Shalista were so welcoming and made it a great experience! I was able to be open, enjoy myself and have a great time during my shoot. When I got to look at my photos there wasn’t one that I didn’t like! Shalista has talent and can make anyone feel comfortable. II definitely will be doing more shoots.

Everyone that is thinking of doing it DO IT you will not be disappointed and neither will your spouse!