Miss Annonymous - Your confidence will go through the roof! 

From Miss Anonymous

I have got professional photos done before, whether it was senior photos or engagement photos and I always love doing them. I was really hesitant on doing a photo shoot like this. I wanted to give something to my soon to be husband on the night before our wedding that will leave him anxiously waiting to see me the next day. I needed this WOW factor! Even knowing this gift was perfect, I still didn't think I would look good enough for the gift. One friend gave me the big push, mentioning how much I will appreciate these pictures when I am in my 60's. I knew then I had to do them. I could just hear it now.... "grandma you were hot back in the day!" LOL! 

The worst part of the shoot was the drive to the studio. I was so nervous! Getting my hair and makeup down took the jitters away. Being able to talk about other information then the shoot really helped. I put my outfits on ranging from the cute outfit to the really sexy one. I recommend always starting with cute, that way you can work your way up to being comfortable before making the extremely sexy faces and poses. Honestly, I was super sad when the shoot was over. I wanted more photos! 

I am super excited to give my future husband his gift. He has no idea! If anyone is debating on doing a shoot with Shalista, STOP! Book it right now! Your confidence will go through the roof!