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Do you know who Lauren Chamberlain is? If your daughter isn’t chasing around after a 12” yellow, leather ball, you might not know just how amazeballs Lauren Chamberlain is, AND even more importantly, if you don’t know what Chamberlain knows you probably need to hear it, we all do.

Body Positive Boudoir

 When approached by ESPN to pose NAKED for the cover of their Body Issue, Chamberlain jumped at the chance. As she shared it, she’s not as “jacked” as typical ESPN athletes, she didn’t possess the slim curves of girls she saw on Instagram, she was thicker and bigger… but she recognized that HER BODY was worthy of celebration. Her body, with all its curves, strength, hard work and hitting mechanics, has the stature it needed to hit over 90 home runs earning her the title of having the most NCAA career home runs: ever.

Lauren Chamberlain wants you to see her curves and appreciate their value and their beauty.  She wants you to understand that her body *has* to look the way it does to give her the *power* to be the athlete she is. Just like the curves and shape and stature of YOUR body gives you the power to be the best Mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, co-worker! Your body is your power, and it is beautiful. Capturing that body in it’s pure, naked, and honest form is empowering.

That’s the thing about this body love journey: its life long, it’s full of struggle, and it’s ageless. We compare ourselves to others.

That’s the thing about this body love journey: its life long, it’s full of struggle, and it’s ageless. We compare ourselves to others. We see those Pinterest walls, those Insta posts, or the seemingly perfect bodies that float by as we scroll our Facebook feed… but we don’t know everyone’s story. We don’t know their struggles, or how many hours they spend at the gym, or how many minutes they spend looking at *our* feed and feeling the same way about us! The crazy thing is IT DOESN’T MATTER! Your body is yours, it has battle scars of babies created, PCOS battles fought – which were won and lost and won and lost again – but you’re there getting up every day, showing up for your family, your friends, your work – and your body… it shows up with you. It works hard for you helping you do the things only you can do.

You have the stature of a Badass Boss.

Did you work super hard and lose 25 pounds?  Did you slip on those favorite jeans which now fit again after having your sweet babe? Let’s celebrate those new curves!  Let’s take them for a test drive and show them off! Did you just drop off the kids, answer fifteen emails, organize the coach's gift, clean your house and then reward yourself with a glass of wine and the last chocolate cupcake leftover from last weekend’s BBQ….?  Heck yeah, Mama! Get it! Give yourself those little rewards: you’re worth them! Give yourself, or rather give ME, the chance to celebrate everything you put into that body and all the good and beauty that it is and let’s capture it!

We have a team of hair and makeup specialists whose only job is to spend several hours pampering you, and together we illuminate the gorgeous, badass boss that you are. Is there any reward, any self- care, better than that?  Honor your stature, celebrate that body that does all the things and shows off its beauty. My team and I are here, in the proverbial dugout, ready to celebrate your every curve, every smile, and every last bit of your sexy confidence.