Miss H - I am not fat, I have fat.

I did this photo shoot for me, to thank my body for showing up each and every day even though many times I don’t treat it, feed it or talk to it all that well. You see, I wanted, no, needed to heal an old wound that I’d been carrying around long enough. The wound was from when I was married in my 20’s. He could only accept me if I was skinny and fit the mold of what he believed I should be. I tried, for 10 years of marriage to fit his mold. I just couldn’t anymore without completely losing myself. When I was in the process of leaving him, he told me that no one would want me, that I wasn’t worth it. I carried this pain around for a very long time, releasing bits and pieces along the way. I even added over 70 pounds to my body because on some level I wonder if I believed it. Now, here I am, a 58 year old woman, owning her power, her sensuality and sexuality. Nothing is stopping me. I am empowered because I believe in myself. I am wanted and desired but that isn’t as important as loving myself. This is continuing to be a work in progress, but I love every wrinkle, fat roll, soft skin, sexy legs, healing hands, and loving eyes. I am not fat, I have fat. I am a soul, having a kick ass human experience!