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I see you sneaking around my galleries with visions of you in your man’s favorite jersey with the light cascading on your perfectly made curls. I see you, Mama, and I want you to know:  it’s okay!  I know that society and the world, and sometimes our own Mama’s, have informed us that pictures of semi-clad or naked women are somehow “bad,” or they are ‘porn.’ Ladies, let me assure you that the stunning and powerful images I create with these amazing women inspire me, they empower them, and each one is a piece of art, it is not porn. They are an artistic avenue to push your boundaries, unleash your inner sexy boss babe, and be bold.

First of all… if you don’t know the difference between Michelangelo’s David and anything made by Larry Flint, then you might not know the difference between what is commonly considered porn and modern-day boudoir photography. Just like we already know that all leggings are not created equal, not all images of a naked woman are either, and they often have different intentions in what emotions they wish to invoke in the viewer.

The Renaissance brought about the return of pride and appreciation of nudes when Pope Julius the II commissioned Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, which is adorned with nude figures in the Creation of Adam and others. These are nudes whom people travel from all over the world to admire because that is why they were created: for people to admire these women. That’s what I do, create boudoir images and you, and whomever you choose to share them with, get to admire them.

That’s what I do, create boudoir images and you, and whomever you choose to share them with, get to admire them.

Boudoir isn’t about objectification; it’s about appreciation. When was the last time you sat and had a good, long, appreciative look at you? When?  Was it a month ago, a year ago… this morning? Whenever it was, I can promise you, that you are *not* doing it often enough. Boudoir photography is appreciation photography. Boudoir is confidence and freedom and power:  aren’t you ready to see and appreciate those things?

Boudoir photography is appreciation photography.

Girl, I know you because I am living the same life.  You’re up before everybody, going to bed after everybody.  You’re answering 15 emails, picking up take-out, running baths, mopping floors and folding laundry all while making sure the love/comfort/happiness meters of everyone in your life is full… but who is refueling your meter? Let’s refuel your meter with love and confidence and appreciation. Our team will pamper you, and together we can create images which fuel your beauty meter because that is what boudoir photography does.

The truth is, our moms and grandmas Glamour Photography of the 90s full of feather boas and pearl necklaces have grown up into the boudoir photography of today, and I am here for it.  Let’s be authentic; let’s get real and show you who you are by creating a new view of you. We can be bold and confident by pushing these boundaries and creating a space where you say, this is me, and I am one gorgeous, semi-clad, proud Boudoir Boss Babe.


This could be you.


We have set up a shower in the studio

JUST FOR YOU and we're ready to break it in. 

No wardrobe to buy, no makeup or hair to fuss.
This is simple and incredibly sexy.


Here's how this special mini-session opportunity works:

You wear one outfit, and pose in the shower with complete direction from me.

-30 minutes session with 5 retouched digital images (images chosen by me)
-With this option you come with hair undone, and whatever makeup you choose, but none is fine too!


Sioux falls best boudoir photographer

Only $250!

-30 minutes session with 5 retouched digital images
(images chosen by me)

Digital images will be delivered private password website.


50% to book. Balance due day of your session.
Non-refundable due to limited availability.
Not valid with any other promotions, credits, discounts, vouchers or other offers.

Sioux Falls Boudoir - Vintage floral stylized session with Rachel - Part 1

As a boudoir photographer, I am always focused on my clients needs and how I can best serve them. My studio is a real life storybook for their stories and experiences. Occasionally I like to write a story from my imagination, and I was thrilled to pull together the most amazing team to create a stunning spring floral shoot with our Brand Ambassador Rachel. 

Sioux Falls Sylized Boudoir Photoshoot

It's a creative outlet to put together my own ideas and visions to create something exceptionally beautiful. I enjoyed the freedom of imaging the session, finding vendors and sharing these ideas with the team. How could I create my vision without feeling like it was cheesy or over-done? I found the best partners and we worked together to make something truly special.

Rachel's day began with Lacey Mae Makeup at her salon near Lake Lorraine. Lacey is one of the best make-up artists in the region. Her meticulous attention to detail and skills allow me to put complete faith in her. Rachel looked beyond stunning and Lacey perfectly brought my vision to life.

Vintage floral bathtub boudoir

I had a very specific idea for floral, and Alyssa Walker with Walker Down the Aisle put together the most amazing pieces. She worked hand and hand and asked a lot of questions to ensure I got what I needed. Didn't she do amazing? YES!! Adore, adore, adore!

Vintage tub and candles boudoir

Our original location didn't work out last minute, but I have my studio and it worked out perfect. I had just found this awesome vintage clawfoot tub online and it worked great!  Its a permanent fixture in the studio, so any client can have these type of tub images!

Floral vintage boudoir session

We were also able to use the studio backdrops to create a fashion look.

Sioux Falls Boudoir Photography

We had originally planned to do a milk bath at our original location, but we were able to find a solution and packed up our equipment and made magic happen! Check back for part 2 of our session and the milk bath images!

Why you should consider a maternity session! Yes, you are so beautiful!

Women can do incredible things, perhaps the most famous thing is growing another human! 

Pregnancy is such a short time - although it may feel like a loooong time - and it's such a beautiful experience to remember. Taking a moment to appreciate your marvelous changing body and celebrate this new life is a great reason to plan a maternity boudoir shoot!

More and more mom's to be are seeking ways to remember their body though a portrait session. Some women aren't comfortable posing in lingerie or nude, but instead do a more traditional maternity session either in the studio or outdoors. Shalista Photography can do both!

Each Pregnancy is Unique!

Maybe it's your first pregnancy or your last, or perhaps there was a struggle with infertility. I can't tell you the number of women I've had in the studio that are documenting their pregnancy for some or all of these reasons. Each baby, first, last, only or of many, is so special and needs to be celebrated!

SIoux Falls Boudoir Maternity Photos

Your curves are amazing!

Hey, we all know pregnancy is good for creating an awesome rack! Maybe you felt that you lacked in that area! Pregnancy is famous for filling out the chest and some women really want to remember that, and often, so do their partners. Pregnancy women are stunning! They glow, even if they are not feeling beautiful. What better time to have a boudoir session when you have curves in all the right places and are looking more beautiful than ever!


Treat yourself!

At Shalista Photography, we provide a full boudoir experience! Hair and makeup is included in our sessions and we have a wardrobe of items here to dress you! Your body is creating a human being and lets face it, if you aren't feeling great or are tired during pregnancy, a little pampering sure helps! 


You are incredible!

Your body is doing something incredible, and it’s worth documenting it. Let us help you bring out the sensual and soft side of you during this time, and create a beautiful portrait with which you can remember it. We love to see you around 34-36 weeks, but you can book your maternity session anytime!



Featured on Lace in Light website: Sioux Falls Boudoir Session with Miss J

We are honored to have one of our recent sessions featured on the Lace in Light website this month. They said such night things about our work and our client Miss J.

Here is a boudoir shoot filled with so much versatility it is sure to get your creativity flowing! Not only is there an amazing range of diversity within each outfit selection, but the lighting in this shoot ranges from soft and airy to the glow of warm studio lighting. 

Click HERE to read more!

for a great love

One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet and talk to so many women I would have never crossed paths with. I learn about their families and their loves. It makes my heart so happy when a women does a session to celebrate a great love. After many, many years together it can be a challenge to find gifts and surprises to really knock their socks off. Boudoir photos are the perfect idea. 

I know he loved his book. <3 

White Sheets Sessions

We had another beautiful set of sessions for our Valentine's White Sheets Sessions. These mini's are popular every year and instantly sold out! The set is all white and so simple allowing us to really showcase each woman's assets.

So many beautiful women this year. A few let me share some images, so here they are! 

If you are interested in booking your own boudoir session, just let us know! Click here!



Welcome to our Boudoir Only Blog and Website!



I am so thrilled that you've stopped by to visit. I've been photographing boudoir for over 10 years, but finally decided to make this a home on the web for just my boudoir clients.  

Voir Mon Amour means "to see my love" in French. I have a think for Frenchy stuff, so it fits. :) I thought it was a great name for a boudoir business. 

About 10 years ago I was into my photography business for about a year and had mostly been doing weddings and some seniors. A friend of mine wanted to do a special gift for her husband, a member of the local fire department. With the help of his buddy, we were able to get into the firehouse, into his gear and pull of one HOT photoshoot. I was hooked and loved how awesome and beautiful my friend felt, and how surprised and blown away her husband was.

10 years have since passed and I've photographed a few hundred different women. From a 65 year old grandmother who divorced and found new love, to a 20 year old bride to be. One of my favorite shoots ever was two best friends in their 50s who  both were newly divorced and empty nesters. They brought a bunch of fun outfits and just had a ball spending the day pampering themselves with hair and makeup and having fun with their best friend. I have photographed women of all shapes, ages, figures and backgrounds. I hope that I made each one feel beautiful and gave them a chance to reveal their inner goddess. I truly believe that NOW is always the best time to have a boudoir session. I'm guilty of making excuses about my body, my hair, my stretch marks, my belly, but the men who love us, love us for who we are. And when you come to my place, we will pamper you with hair and makeup and post and primp you in great lighting so that you shine.

From boudoir, weddings and seniors, women and girls are our favorite subject. I want my brides, my teenage beauties and my mothers, sisters and friends to leave my studio feeling more beautiful than ever. 

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to photograph you.