Miss Annonymous - Your confidence will go through the roof! 

From Miss Anonymous

I have got professional photos done before, whether it was senior photos or engagement photos and I always love doing them. I was really hesitant on doing a photo shoot like this. I wanted to give something to my soon to be husband on the night before our wedding that will leave him anxiously waiting to see me the next day. I needed this WOW factor! Even knowing this gift was perfect, I still didn't think I would look good enough for the gift. One friend gave me the big push, mentioning how much I will appreciate these pictures when I am in my 60's. I knew then I had to do them. I could just hear it now.... "grandma you were hot back in the day!" LOL! 

The worst part of the shoot was the drive to the studio. I was so nervous! Getting my hair and makeup down took the jitters away. Being able to talk about other information then the shoot really helped. I put my outfits on ranging from the cute outfit to the really sexy one. I recommend always starting with cute, that way you can work your way up to being comfortable before making the extremely sexy faces and poses. Honestly, I was super sad when the shoot was over. I wanted more photos! 

I am super excited to give my future husband his gift. He has no idea! If anyone is debating on doing a shoot with Shalista, STOP! Book it right now! Your confidence will go through the roof! 


Miss H - Dang I am pretty sexy!!

Doing a session likes this I would never have thought about in the past cause I felt like I wasn't pretty enough. I started thinking  about doing one after I lost weight and began liking myself. I have heard about these but never thought about. Well I started to look around found couple places. I liked Shalistas the most you get your hair and makeup done. I decided to book one and glad that I did. After my shoot I couldn't wait to get my book. My husband enjoyed it to but I took one look at my photos and for once that dang I am pretty sexy. I will be booking in the future for sure.

Raves: Miss K,

I initially wanted to do the session as a confidence booster. I had recently gone through a divorce and had lost my confidence. After having two beautiful children and being with someone for 15 years, the thought of dating or being with someone again was downright petrifying. These photos gave me my confidence back and made me feel sexy again. While I didn't plan on sharing the photos with anyone, the girls at work loved them and someday will share them with a special someone (or get new ones taken because it was so much fun). I was very nervous at first! I was not comfortable with my body and didn't know what to expect. In the first five minutes, the nervousness was gone and I was comfortable in my own skin. Working with the hair and make up artist, made me feel at ease and pampered. During the shoot, I felt it was all about me and taking flattering shots of my body. I think, too often, women are tough on themselves for their imperfections. This photo shoot made me realize the positives of my body and how amazing and beautiful I could look. I felt confident, sexy and beautiful during the session. Shalista has a way of making you feel at ease and relating with you during the session. I felt completely comfortable the entire session! The images are amazing! I was over the moon excited for the viewing session. The hardest part was picking out my favorites because they were all so good! I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat! I showed the photo album to my female co-workers and highly urged them to take the plunge and do it. If it is a gift for a special someone it will be very well received. If it is a gift or confidence booster for yourself and you realize how beautiful, sexy and attractive you are it is worth it weight in gold!

-Miss K.