Miss J - I can't wait to do it AGAIN!!!

Note from Shalista - I love and adore all my clients, but it's clients like Miss J that make this job 100% the best thing ever. This is what I live for. So much love to you Miss J!

From Miss J - Shared with permission.

I wanted to send a quick email to let you know that I received my book in the mail yesterday and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love it.  If it was socially acceptable to show it to everyone I know, everyone I meet, every random person.... I think I would!

I also want to thank you for picking me for the in-home session and coming all the way to XXXXX IA for it!  It was an incredible experience, one where my nerves were fried and my anxiety was at an all time high before, but even as my hair and make-up were being done and we were chatting about acting, tattoos, vacations, work, kids... all that normal day to day stuff, those feelings of insecurity were quickly fading. 

I wanted a boudoir session with for so many reasons and every time I thought about scheduling one, every excuse popped up... I want to save a little more money, I want to lose a little more weight, I want my hair a little longer, I wish I'd gotten that Botox... you name it. So when you asked for in-home options, I knew it was time to do it.  And I am so glad I did!  And I can't wait to do it AGAIN!!!  Who knew that pointing your toes, arching your back and trying to act sexy would be such a wonderfully fun challenge where I would end up laughing my way through and wanting to do it more!

Some women do this for their husbands, some for a special occasion, some to remember a moment in time.  I wanted to do it for ME. All I do is put myself down, find things wrong with my body and I know that is not setting a good example for the 13 year old daughter in my life. I want her to see me happy so she knows that no matter what, be confident and strong and love yourself.  Empower yourself and you will always win in life. I wanted to see myself in a different way and not pick out every bump, wrinkle or scar.  My body is decorated with scars of various kinds from years of injury and illness and you know what, they make me beautiful and these pictures showed me that. Finally I see them as decorations.

The best moment in this experience didn't have anything to do with taking the pictures or even picking them out for my album... it was the email you sent after, asking if I wanted to leave the scars or have your editor remove them in my pics. After seeing myself through your lens, it was an immediate, easy answer.  Leave them, they are part of my story.

Thank you again, Shalista.
Just... thank you.