Why you should consider a maternity session! Yes, you are so beautiful!

Women can do incredible things, perhaps the most famous thing is growing another human! 

Pregnancy is such a short time - although it may feel like a loooong time - and it's such a beautiful experience to remember. Taking a moment to appreciate your marvelous changing body and celebrate this new life is a great reason to plan a maternity boudoir shoot!

More and more mom's to be are seeking ways to remember their body though a portrait session. Some women aren't comfortable posing in lingerie or nude, but instead do a more traditional maternity session either in the studio or outdoors. Shalista Photography can do both!

Each Pregnancy is Unique!

Maybe it's your first pregnancy or your last, or perhaps there was a struggle with infertility. I can't tell you the number of women I've had in the studio that are documenting their pregnancy for some or all of these reasons. Each baby, first, last, only or of many, is so special and needs to be celebrated!

SIoux Falls Boudoir Maternity Photos

Your curves are amazing!

Hey, we all know pregnancy is good for creating an awesome rack! Maybe you felt that you lacked in that area! Pregnancy is famous for filling out the chest and some women really want to remember that, and often, so do their partners. Pregnancy women are stunning! They glow, even if they are not feeling beautiful. What better time to have a boudoir session when you have curves in all the right places and are looking more beautiful than ever!


Treat yourself!

At Shalista Photography, we provide a full boudoir experience! Hair and makeup is included in our sessions and we have a wardrobe of items here to dress you! Your body is creating a human being and lets face it, if you aren't feeling great or are tired during pregnancy, a little pampering sure helps! 


You are incredible!

Your body is doing something incredible, and it’s worth documenting it. Let us help you bring out the sensual and soft side of you during this time, and create a beautiful portrait with which you can remember it. We love to see you around 34-36 weeks, but you can book your maternity session anytime!



Miss E - Goddess

Shared with permission from Miss E - The fertility Goddess. Mother-extraordinaire - This lady has FIVE kiddos under FIVE - That is not a typo. She's wonder woman!

Shalista ~ 

Let me start off saying WE LOVE the photos & the album! I have been meaning to let you know how much since I received the book... but all these babies take up so much time!

I have been married to my rather conservative farmer for 7 years in June. I moved in with him one year after we were married - as we remodeled an old farm house that belonged to his grandparents. Of the 6 years we have lived together now (72 months), I have been pregnant for 50 of those 72 months. We welcomed our 5th child on June 1st - six years to the day that we moved in together. I lay this all out to paint a picture of our relationship, my mental state and why I would choose to do a boudoir session while pregnant (because honestly... when am I not pregnant?). 

If you are pregnant/have been pregnant you understand the emotional and mental state that takes you from frumpy to carefree to stressed out to Fertility Goddess in a matter of moments. I know my husband loves me and my body - whether my body is my own or being shared by another little human. I chose to do this session more for me than even for him - but saying it was for him helped really push me to do it! I wanted and needed to see the Fertility Goddess that in fleeting thoughts I knew I could be! I thought about taking more mainstream maternity photos - as I hadn't done maternity photos for any pregnancy. Not knowing if this would be my last chance I threw caution to the wind and booked Shalista! 

I will never regret that decision. Shalista is kind, approachable, and down right fun! This Mom just needed a day away from her kids and even if I needed 'girl talk' even more than the photos that day, she managed to balance being my professional photographer and new best girlfriend all at the same time. I felt at ease always with her & though 'being sexy' is not my forte, the photos speak differently! We took much more traditional maternity photos that I was completely covered up all the way to racy and nude.... and I am so glad that I got such a wide range of images! I never felt uncomfortable or pushed to do anything I didn't want to do... though the progression of dressed to undressed moved very naturally and never 'got weird'. 

The experience was great, the viewing session was amazing to see how she captured my sensuality and getting my book in the mail made me gitty! I would sneak peaks through the book at night for weeks before finally being able to give it to my husband. And when I finally got to give it to him - I was excited as much as I was worried about his reaction to me doing such a session. He opened the book and sat quietly knowing it must be photos - but having no idea I would do such a thing. When he reached the first photo of me his eyes got large... he looked up from the book and all he said was, "Ma!" He then continued through the book in silence. He gazed at each page slowly, looking up at me every now and again. I knew every photo in that book that would cause him to look up at me and he did, until he reached the end. He then quietly flipped back through the book from end until beginning. I waited for him to speak and he started back into the book... front to back and then again back to front without saying a word. I was getting nervous that I wasn't the fertility goddess I thought these photos captured. I was worried he would think badly of me for having such sexual photos taken. I was thinking he may be angry I let someone else see me naked and document it! The 'thank you' he gave me after he finally set the book down resonated loudly... Shalista captured my pregnancy as beautifully and as sexy as I felt being in it. 

I the days following he did ask lots of questions about these images... mostly about who took them, if they are now somewhere on the internet, if anyone else can get access to them. All of these are valid questions - but I know they are safe.. safe with Shalista, safe with me and safe from getting somewhere we don't want then... unless one of the kids finds where we hide the book  And there is a bonus... we both know that book exists... and we both know we sneak peaks of it... there is something very sexy and fun about just knowing it is there and I had the guts to do it - even if there is always too much of an audience in our house to get it out and look at it! The only other thing that needs to be said about our book is 'have you made sure you have it hidden... you know your mother likes to snoop around when she comes to watch the kids!' 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Shalista! I am positive there is no one else in hundreds of miles that could have given both of us such a wonderful set of images! These will be cherished and oogled for decades to come!