Miss Anonymous - He was floored.

I decided to do a boudoir session to surprise my husband of 12 years for Christmas.  I'm pretty conservative so it's something he'd never expect that I'd do.  I booked a mini session and then started looking for something to wear which may have been the most nerve wracking part of the process!  I found an amazing bodysuit at a local boutique that really boosted my confidence.  

Once at the shoot, I had my makeup done which was also a new, but great, experience.  I was nervous because it was a lot more makeup than I normally wear, but it was perfect after seeing the finished product!  I felt a little awkward for the first few poses, but Shalista was great at giving direction.

Then came the wait to see the finished product...In the meantime my husband had found out (I'm not very good at keeping secrets) and when I got the photos we looked at them together.  He was absolutely floored and couldn't stop gushing over them!  When I told him I got 10 photos with the package I think he was disappointed he couldn't have them all!  

It definitely showed a different side of me and I was VERY happy I chose to do it.  My husband is already planning the outfits for my next shoot :)

Miss C - Something BIG for her anniversary!

As I was scrolling through Facebook I saw Shalista's ad and clicked on it. I did my research and all her pictures were and are amazing. I wanted to do something BIG for my anniversary. I knew this was the BIG thing to do as I looked through Shalista's pictures and reviews.

Everything said was positive and uplifting about every picture she took. What I really loved was that it was not a bunch of pictures of a certain size. She makes everyone look amazing and feel beautiful. Her passion of photography and making people feel how we should feel is what made me make up my mind and get some photos done. I was really nervous going into this but what got me through the nerves is myself reminding me that she does this all day long, she LOVES what she does and she will make me look great!!! And Shalista did just that!! When I was viewing my photos I WAS BLUSHING!! One of the hardest things I had to do is wait a month to give them to my husband. He loved them and said "WOW, you went out of your comfort zone"!! I would defiantly do another photo shoot and do ALL the pampering that Shalista has to offers! Totally worth it! I have one friend doing a photo shoot soon!!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures and memories of a lifetime! 

Miss S - It was really good for our marriage.

This was a truly empowering experience for me. I went into it for my husband, knowing he was always asking me for pictures of myself. I wanted some really gorgeous pictures for him that showed him a side of myself he has always said I have, but I never really believed in. After the photo shoot, I was a believer. I can't thank Shalista enough. I feel so much more confident about my body. I still am way too hard on myself, but I take one look at my husband looking at me in a picture, and I really know for certain that is what he has always seen when he looks at me. It was really good for our marriage.

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Miss B - Unforgettable holiday gifts.

Like a long tall glass of cool water, Miss B is all legs. Legs for days! We had such a great time in our shoot. She come to me with some pretty edgy ideas and we were able to make those a reality (not shown here, sorry!)

This was an incredible gift for her man and I am positive he was blown away!