Miss B - Society tells me to shame my body, Shalista helped me learn to love my body.

From start to finish my session with Shalista was amazing. Before I got into the room I thought I was crazy and even slightly embarrassed that I was doing this. Being a heavier-set woman, I have been conditioned to be embarrassed of exposing my body or even sexualizing myself at all. Society tells me to shame my body, Shalista helped me learn to love my body. I was definitely not at my thinnest when I did my session, but I knew that I wanted to celebrate my body as it was at that time. No matter if I lost or gained weight, I would always have these photos to look back on and remember what I looked like when I was a newly-wed woman in my 20's. Shalista is the best of the best and I would recommend anyone I know to go to her; in fact a few of my friends have gone to her since my session! I left my session empowered and feeling sexy. I left my ordering session amazed and in awe. I look back at my book and can't wait to do another session. 

  1. What made you decide to do a boudoir session? Please describe how you came to the decision and what finally made you take the leap!

    I had contemplated doing a session but was so nervous that I needed to be in better shape. I wasn't very confident about my body at the time and kept looking at old photos of myself when I weighed less. That's when I decided that I needed this. I needed to see myself exactly at the weight I was currently at and know that I could still be sexy.

  2. What made you decide to hire me as your photographer?

    Shalista was the only person I wanted to go to for boudoir. I knew she would be professional, make me look like a million bucks, and ease any fears or worries I had.

  3. How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your head?

    I was so nervous before my shoot. I thought I was slightly crazy for doing this and embarrassed even. I mean, who would want to see photos of me in my lingerie? That's something people on the internet would make fun of, not celebrate. I was quickly put at ease as soon as I got into the studio and started hair and makeup. 

  4. Now that you've had your own photo shoot, how was it?

    The photo shoot was fun, eased my mind and even made me feel empowered. It was the sexiest I have felt in a long time. I was a little sore at the end from all the contortions Shalista, put me in, but I knew that she was working it out to make me look like a bombshell.

  5. Is there anything I could do that would make this experience completely perfect?

    Maybe some fun or sexy music playing to help get into the mood a little more! 

  6. How did you feel about having your hair and makeup done?

    LOVED it. Angelique is amazing and I always feel safe in her hands. 

  7. Any other thoughts or suggestions you'd like to tell me about?

    You're amazing. I love you. I want to do another session so badly.