Miss M - can be a role model for anyone with a disability and show them we ARE sexy people too!!!

I cannot even begin to describe how this photo shoot made me feel. As I've said before, being in a wheelchair and overweight my self esteem has gotten worse over the years. I needed and wanted something to remind myself that I am beautiful and sexy. Something to remind myself why my husband feel in love with me and why he still loves me. Yes I did this as a gift for him, but I also did it as a HUGE gift for myself too. I'm a pretty plain Jane girl but the makeup and hair made me feel even more beautiful. 

I was so nervous going in. As I was getting my hair and makeup done, I started to feel more comfortable. Then it came time to change clothes and I freaked out inside. I got dressed and went out for my shoot. I was still nervous but once we started I opened up a lot more. Shalista guides you thru it all and made me feel extremely comfortable and sexy!!! I left the studio very happy.

The time came to view and pick out my pictures. I literally started crying, happy tears. I was amazed at how beautiful I truly was. How sexy my pictures were. I was in awe looking at myself honestly as I couldn't believe that was me, but it was!!! I left with the biggest smile on my face.

My album came in and I couldn't wait to show my husband. He was ecstatic looking at them. He loved everyone of them and told me how beautiful and sexy I was in the pictures, and that I was that way in his eyes every day!! It was a magical moment.

Shalista, I cannot thank you enough!! I loved every bit of this experience. I would recommend you to EVERYONE!!! It was truly a an experience I will never forget! My husna5and I now have this gorgeous album to always look back at. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You helped bring back my self confidence and I am forever grateful for that!! I hope I can be a role model for anyone with a disability and show them we ARE sexy people too!!!