Shalista Photography Boudie Call


What's a Boudie Call?!

Occasionally Shalista will put out a boudie or model call when our marketing/portfolio needs require one! The purpose of these session is to create material of a certain look for marketing purposes. The images are used online on our website, social media marketing and email and print as necessary. Instead of hiring professional models to do the job, my first preference is to offer this savings to babes just like our clients- everyday women!!

This time we have 4 spots (two in June and two in July)! Our session fee is normally $350 and these 4 babes will get it for $125, and in return receive a credit of $125 toward their purchase as a HUGE thank you for allowing us to use their images and video clips for marketing. ! 

What do you get?

For participating in the Boudie Call you will receive: 

  • Full 90 minute session.

  • Complimentary wardrobe styling

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Complimentary Image Reveal Appointment to order products from your session

  • $125 in credit toward any purchase, products start at $500.

  • Feeling like a rockstar goddess for the day

*Images and products are sold separately at your Image Reveal appointment . No purchase is necessary or required.


What if I can't have my images be public?

That is totally understandable! But then, the Boudie Call might not be for you.  Instead, we'd love to give you the boudoir experience all the same at our regular rates!


What do I have to do to get in?!

Woot!! Yassss! This experience is so transformative and life changing! We can't wait to show you off. You will be an inspiration to countless women, and that's priceless!  

Step One. 

Click on the button below to fill out the application! When you get to the form you'll also be prompted to submit a recent photo of yourself (and if you're playing along in the VIP group for Selfie Week, I know you've got one of these!) A face shot will do- no need to pull from the Sexy Selfie post! ;) 

Step Two.

Make sure you check out the Booking Guide! Because 1) we love it, and 2) you can start dreaming up your very own boudoir experience! 

Step Three. 

Hang tight while we review the applications! We'll get back to you in a couple days!  Please do not contact us asking, we will touch base with the people we choose. More emails, means it will take longer! ;)

When will I find out if I was chosen? 

You'll receive an email from us, so be sure to check your inbox throughout the week! Also- babes- you know I love you but pleeeease do not message me on FB at 2:00am asking for an update. Briana, our studio manager, handles communication during our office hours Monday-Friday, so you'll be hearing from her via email!  We'll be offering the Boudie Call to our top selections, and whoever gets to their invoice and contract firsts gets the promo price!  :)