you deserve it

Whatever the reason, it’s about you.


Just the way you are. Right here,
right now.


We want to help you realize that fact.

Boudoir is a form of expression unlike any other where you get to step a little outside your comfort zone and explore a new sense of empowerment.


 You reached your goal weight!

You're getting married or have been married for decades.

You’re on your way to reaching your goal weight

You wanna knock his/her socks off

You landed that new job and wanna celebrate

You got divorced or are starting over

You just wanna feel confident and sexy


We get real love letters every day!

I know I’ve seen a million women say they’d originally done these for their husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends, but turns out it was good for them too. This wasn’t good for me - as dramatic as this is - it was life changing. It was 100% outside my comfort zone but 200% worth it - even if only for just myself. If I could tell those ‘thinking about it’ one thing - Don’t think, just do it! Have a glass of wine, build the courage and book the session - you will not regret it. Don’t do it for him, do it for you, do it for your daughter that sees you refusing to wear shorts, tank tops, swim suits and dresses because of how you think you look. You and her deserve better!
— Christine
I was so awkward, but by the end I was wearing nothing but stands of pearls & laughing & felt great. When I saw the pictures I was BLOWN AWAY. I couldn’t believe that was me. It looked like me but so much more....rawr! I walked out of the studio that day with a confidence I’ve never had. I’m a 49 year old mom, which I love. But after that day... I’m hot, I’m sexy & I’m a fun woman. I loved it!!

Shalista did a phenomenal job & every woman should go do this. The sassiness and confidence it gives you is so worth it!!! Can’t recommend it enough.
— Becky
The photo shoot was easy. Shalista guided me through every step and I was comfortable with all of it. When I was finished I was kind of sad because we did have so much fun! I was nervous to see the images, but I knew by seeing images from other shoots that they would be wonderful. I loved my images and when I picked up my album I had to look at it right away. I would definitely do this again, and I would highly recommend that every woman do this for herself. It is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. I felt so beautiful and I think every woman deserves to feel beautiful!!
— Connie


Are you ready to take the next steps to your own boudoir session? It's so easy!


1) Book Your Free Consultation

Meet Shalista, tour the studio, go over all the details of your shoot from hair, makeup and oufit ideas, how to prepare for your shoot, see print products in person, and choose your shoot date. Secure your shoot by paying your session fee and get ready to change your life!

Session Fee starting at $100

Products starting at $500!



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Shalista Hair and makeup

2) Photo Shoot

Sit back and relax as you get made over by our professional hair and makeup artist, then slip into your first outfit and you are ready for your big photo shoot! We will coach you through your entire shoot on how to pose, tell jokes to capture your authentic smile, and capture your most sexy and alluring angles. Our Signature Bombshell session takes about 4 hours from start to finish!




3) Reveal/Ordering Session

2 weeks after your photo shoot you will come back into the studio for your Reveal Session! This is where you will be presented with your best  images that will be magazine quality retouched. At this point you will choose any a la carte products or choose one of our famous packages. We accept cash, debit and all major credit cards for our clients convenience. 

Payment Plans available on any purchase over $700.


4) Pick Up Order & Give The Most Amazing Gift Ever!



I'm Shalista!

You are so beautiful and I want to go on this beautiful boudoir journey with you! I will guide you and be with you every step of the way! Every day I meet women who didn't think they had it in them, and together we brought out their inner goddess!

If you have always wanted to do a photo shoot, but never thought you could! Our all female team specializes in taking women, who have never done a photo shoot before, from everyday gorgeous to SUPERMODEL!

Boudoir Portraits make the most unique and jaw-dropping gift for your significant other! But even our single clients who do a shoot just for themselves say what a HUGE confidence booster and life changing experience their shoots are!

xoxo, Shalista





Why boudoir is for everyone
and will change your life!

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Bombshell Signature Session
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