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I initially wanted to do the session as a confidence booster. I had recently gone through a divorce and had lost my confidence. After having two beautiful children and being with someone for 15 years, the thought of dating or being with someone again was downright petrifying. These photos gave me my confidence back and made me feel sexy again. While I didn't plan on sharing the photos with anyone, the girls at work loved them and someday will share them with a special someone (or get new ones taken because it was so much fun). I was very nervous at first! I was not comfortable with my body and didn't know what to expect. In the first five minutes the nervousness was gone and I was comfortable in my own skin. Working with the hair and make up artist made me feel at ease and pampered. During the shoot I felt it was all about me and taking flattering shots of my body. I think too often women are tough on themselves for their imperfections. This photo shoot made me realize the positives of my body and how amazing and beautiful I could look. I felt confident, sexy and beautiful during the session. Shalista has a way of making you feel at ease and relating with you during the session. I felt completely comfortable the entire session! The images are amazing! I was over the moon excited for the viewing session. The hardest part was picking out my favorites because they were all so good! I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat! I showed the photo album to my female co-workers and highly urged them to take the plunge and do it. If it is a gift for a special someone it will be very well received. If it a gift or confidence booster for yourself and you realize how beautiful, sexy and attractive you are it is worth it weight in gold! - Kim

I did the session as a birthday gift to my husband. I was nervous in the beging but after a few photos were taken I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I loved my images and still do. It was really hard to pick what photos I wanted. My husband loved this as his gift. He braged to everyone about how sexy and beautiful I am. And yes he did show them to a few friends. I will so do this again. I recommend this to everyone I didn't realise how beautiful and sexy I really am. So thank you so much for showing me that part of me. - JZ

I was trying to find the best anniversary gift for my husband that he could cherish forever. I was nervous but that was gone the second I walked into the studio. I would recommend this for any mom who just wants to be reminded how special and beautiful you still are. It was amazing and the pictures were absolutely breathtaking. My husband was more than pleased with his book..He said it's the best gift I could of ever gave him. I could not have done this without Shalista for that I'm forever thankful....  Nicole

I was very nervouse to do this shoot. It was beyond my comfort level, but I wanted to do something special for my husband-to-be. It was something I never expected to see myself doing...so I know he wasn't expexting it. I felt comfortable while doing the shoot. As we got into it, I got a huge sense of confidence and empowerment. I definitely recommend Shalista to anyone.


I was a little nervous at first, but after we got started I felt better. Shalista was great at making me feel comfortable and giving me tips as to what to do. She had lots of interesting poses and made sure that I got LOTS of great pictures!


I love how comfortable Shalista made me feel...I was really nervous going into this. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect (although the email I received before my session with prep tips was SUPER helpful). I had wanted to do a boudoir session for quite some time, but couldn't talk myself into actually scheduling it. When I showed up that day, Shalista and her team (hair and makeup...can't remember her name, but she was sooo nice) made me feel so special and right at home in the studio. It felt like I was visiting with old friends. Shalista never made me feel awkward at all...in fact it was quite the opposite. I felt so comfortable I ended up going completely topless by the end of the session (I would never have imagined I would EVER do that). The turn around time to seeing the edited photos was amazingly fast! Shalista was extremely helpful in choosing photos for my boudoir book. Not only was I beyond satisfied with my experience, my husband is still RAVING about the book I gave him for our anniversary. I will be back for another session in the future.


I had similar photos taken for my husband as a wedding gift. One baby and 5 years of marraige later, I was pretty nervous to get in front of the camera again with my mommy body. Shalista made me feel so comfortable, and my husband loves the photos just as much as the first ones. I'm so glad I took these for him AND for me to realize how beautiful I am no matter my size or shape. -Chelsey


It was an awesome experience. I was very nervous and should have had a glass of wine before! Hahaha. Shalista worked very hard to get me to relax and by the end I was an "ol pro". This experience made me feel more beautiful than I had in a long time. And the reaction from my husband was outstanding! When we reviewd the photos, he was amazed! Shalista brought out something in me in those photos that I never knew existed! I think I would do this again for our next anniversary! I would highly recommend this type of session to other women...it makes you feel alive!  -TM

My husband and I had talked about a boudoir session years ago, but we both assumed that there was no one nearby who could do the professional work we were looking for. It was a total surprise when I stumbled upon Shalista's website, and I was wowed by the classy work that she did. I signed up for a session right away, without hesitation. But then my nerves settled in. I am a mother of three, and those babies and pregnancies have left their mark on me. I needn't have worried, though, because I have never worked with a photographer as professional as Shalista. I was greeted warmly at the outset, and had fun with the hair and make-up. The best part of the session was all of the personal attention. As a mom, I never spend time on myself. But with Shalista, I had someone doting over my hair and makeup, and beautiful props and great lighting to make me feel gorgeous. By the time we were ready to take pictures, there was music playing and I felt comfortable prancing around in my "unmentionables." In a way, it was really quite fun. A week later, I returned to the studio to view my photos, and I was blown away by what I saw. Shalista certainly knows what she's doing--there is no doubt about that. Even if you are not completely comfortable in front of a camera, she knows what to do to show you at your very best. I gave my husband his boudoir book for our 13th wedding anniversary, and he loves it. Let's just say this is not a gift that will be forgotten in the back of the closet. I had such a great experience that my husband and I have already discussed doing it again in a few years. It was a completely luxurious experience from start to finish. To have that feeling of indulgence captured forever in a photobook to share with my husband is priceless.  -NN

I would defiantly recommend getting a boudoir shoot taken! Not only was it fun, it was exhilarating, something every woman should experience once in her life. Shalista defiantly makes you feel comfortable and it's very easy to do the session.


At first, I was really nervous about doing this type of session. I had just had my third baby and wasn't very confident in how I would look in photographs. My husband has asked before for pictures and I had always shut him down, so I thought this might be a nice surprise for him. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I was worried that I would end up not liking my pictures because I would look unflattering. At the shoot, I was very grateful for the hair and makeup provided. It made me feel more confident in the way I looked. Shalista, also, made me feel more at ease during the shoot. I'm typically a little self conscious about my body, but she talked to me, told me how to pose, and was generally very comfortable. I was surprised at how not awkward it was. When I got to view my pictures, I was really happy with them. I felt that Shalista captured the best angles and I looked better than how I feel. My husband was, also, really happy with them! I would definitely do it again and recommend it to others. If not for a gift, even for yourself. It was empowering and gave me a confidence boost seeing myself look beautiful. Wonderful experience I can't recommend highly enough!


I decided to do a session as a gift to my boyfriend & to push myself to stray outside my comfort zone. I was really nervous & didn't know what to expect at first. From the moment I stepped into the studio, Shalista made me feel so comfortable. I was amazed when I saw the images, it was so hard to choose favorites. I just couldn't believe the pictures were of me. My boyfriend was in shock when I gave it to him for valentines day. It will certainly be a gift for him to charish through the years, I don't think I will ever be able to top it. It was a great gift to give but also a great experience for myself to be able to feel beautiful. I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends, and would love to do it again myself.


I found Shalista page on facebook and noticed the white sheet session. With my 5 year wedding anniversary coming up and finally feeling confident with my new found body after losing 40lbs, I decided suprise my husband with a "little black book"  which he loved! I was nervous day of the photoshoot, however, Shalista made me feel very comfortable. The images captured was amazing while looking through the proofs. I couldn't believe it was me in those pictures. Would i recommend doing boudoir shoot with Shalista.... yes most definitely! You will not be disappointed! I do plan to do another shoot in near feature. There was not just one favorite part of my boudoir experience. I LOVED it all Shalista is amazing photographer she made me feel relaxed and comfortable.


I have seen boudoir photos online and have wanted to have a session, but I am not very photogenic and have a lot of warrior scars a.k.a. stretch marks that I am self conscious about. My sister bought the boudoir session as a birthday gift which really helped give me the push I needed to book the session. I was really nervous about having someone I didn't know take my photo let alone boudoir photos. I scheduled an appointment to meet Shalista and view her work and ask for suggestions on what type of clothing would work best for what I wanted. The day of my session I was still nervous and excited. The stylist that did my makeup and hair did a fantastic job! I was so shocked when she was done and I had never felt so beautiful as I did on this day. I went from nervous and excited to confident and excited because of Shalista and the stylist. Shalista made me feel so comfortable during the session and I really enjoyed the process. When I returned for the viewing of the photos I once again was truly amazed at how beautiful each and every photo turned out. The hardest decision was picking which photos to include in the book for my husband. I believe that every woman owes it to themselves to have a boudoir session. We are all beautiful inside and out and the boudoir sessions allows you to feel the beauty that is you and have photos that capture your beauty in a classy way.


I loved t! I encourage many women to do it! Made me feel so good about myself after having a baby! And they turned out amazin I couldn't of asked for better! It was good posing and had a fun environment. I loved the make up and hair loved that you could have a glass of wine! Very nice!


I was initially super nervous! It was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. During the session, once my hair and makeup were done, I felt AMAZING and thought I looked hot! I love how relaxed I felt in my own skin (which isn't something I normally feel!) Shalista was able to get me to do things I would never do on my own, but with her it just felt natural... I haven't yet shown it to my fiance' but I have shown it to several girl friends and they ALL commented on how great the pictures looked.



I initially thought about doing a session for my partner for Valentines Day. I was so incredibly nervous and Shalista and her team made me feel so sexy and comfortable. The images were great and my partner absolutely LOVED them. I will be doing another shoot again for sure!!!


My boudoir shoot was a surprise gift for my husband. About 6 months prior to the shoot, I had given birth to our first child (a baby girl!). After pregnancy, childbirth, and adapting to the constant challenges of being a new mom, I wasn't exactly feeling gorgeous or sexy (even though my husband found me to be as attractive as ever!) The boudoir shoot was a spontaneous, last minute decision, completely outside my comfort zone. Shalista did a great job of helping me to relax and let my "inner sexy" shine through. I was made to feel attractive and confident. I was beyond pleased with the final images. I could truly see the gorgeous, sexy wife that my husband tells me he sees everyday. As for my husband, he was beyond amazed! The pictures enhanced and highlighted my natural beauty and captured a vibe of "confident, empowered sexy" which my husband finds to be super attractive. I have long struggled with body image hang-ups so I was pretty nervous going into the shoot. However, the experience was very positive and ended up being just as much a gift for myself as for my husband. The shoot and the beautiful images were a great boost to my self-image. I hope to empower my daughter with this same feeling of confidence and self assurance. I would recommend a Boudoir shoot with Shalista to any woman. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident and sexy!


This was an experience I will never forget! This was out of my comfort box...but there was a big boost of confidence after the shoot! Shalista and her crew do an amazing job and she does not disappoint! She goes above and beyond for you through the whole process! I was very nervous, but all parties involved from the hair and make up to the shoot was really spectacular. I felt very comfortable talking to both individuals and they made sure you felt and looked beautiful! -Stacy

The whole boudoir expirence was my favorite! Shalista did an AMAZING job and made me feel so comfortable. I felt like a Victoria secret angel! I would definitely encourage others to do a shoot! I did it for my hubby to be as his wedding day gift and I know he will love it. The images turned out beautifully! I would do it again in a heartbeat. It helped me boost my confidence as well knowing I could have such wonderful sexy pictures! -Lauren

I had an amazing time doing this photo session and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to know you look and feel good in your skin. For me, seeing the accomplishments of eating healthy and working out in super sexy cloths made a world of difference as how I view myself! I felt comfortable before, during, and after my session. This was a gift for my husband who thought it was special and amazing! Overall all, women should experience this for themselves!



When I first thought of doing this kind of shoot, I was really unsure of it and if my body shape and size would be right for it. Well after looking at the web site, I said to my self I can do this!. I was very nervous the day of my shoot. Did I bring the right clothes, will I look ok, what will my husband think. Well that was all put to rest from the time I finished with hair and makeup to the finish of the shoot, I felt so comfortable that it felt as if I was talking to one of my close girlfriends and goofing off and taking pictures. This was a gift for my husband for our 10 year wedding anniversary and it blew his socks off. I would recommend this kind of shoot to any one and not just for a special occasion, I think this would be a great way to just empower your self and believe me after seeing your photos you will be empowered with how natural beauty is more beautiful then air bush. I would highly recommend this kind of shoot to anyone no mater what your shape or size is. I would love to do this again know how amazing they turn out!  -Brandy

Getting hair and make up done was awesome! She did an amazing job. The shoot was also fun. Very professional and the photos turned out amazing. I gave it to my husband for Valentines day. He loved them! I would live do do another session! I would highly recommend getting a boudior session. So fun and sexy. Photos are high quality and will amaze you!


I was very nervous going into this but Shalista made me feel very comfortable the entire time. I had fun and felt very sexy. She had great ideas and she is a natural in her work. This is going to make a great gift for my fiancé before our wedding!

- Kayla

I'm decided to do a session after months and months of hard physical work to get my body into shape. I'm getting older and wanted to capture a good body while I could. I'm not a modest person, so I was surprised when I was awkward. But Shalista made me feel very comfortable and was able to coach me into many very good shots. I brought a friend, and when I do it the next time, I'll come alone and I'll have a few drinks to loosen up a little. My best advice is to be comfortable in your body in every way. I was very self conscious of my hair because it was in a stage of growth where I felt it wasn't pretty. Don't worry about your skin or wrinkles or stretch marks, that can be fixed! Don't worry about your body type, Shalista will help you with flattering poses. - AW


I was initially feeling self conscious about the session. I decided to do the session as a Valentines gift for my husband. He travels a lot for work so I wanted him to be able to take the photo book with him. I was very nervous right away. Once we started shooting, I relaxed right away and felt like Shalista was one of my friends taking pictures for fun. I'd never felt more comfortable in my own skin! When I saw my pictures, it was hard to believe they were of me, they looked so beautiful, much better than I expected. My husband loved his photo book. He had no idea I had done the shoot. It was such a unique gift, the only way I'll be able to top it is with another session. I hope to do it again sometime in the near future. I have recommended a shoot to many friends and one had done it so far!

- Cassandra


Shalista made the boudoir session exciting and fun. It was a great experience. Dont feel intimidated. Shalista is very down to earth and will go out of her way to make you feel comfortable.

- Christy


I had the most wonderful experience I could ever hope to have, far above my highest expectations. I have told many people about my experience and many said they would go there when they need a photographer.

I would recommend Shalista Photograghy to anyone who needs a photographer for any reason. The quality, creativity, professionalism, and personal attention given to all aspects of the experience were way above my greatest expectations, and most of all it was more fun than I can express. 
Thanks, Shalista, for a memorable experience I will not soon forget!  - Susie