Are You Speeding Up or Changing Lanes?
 Transform Sessions NOW OPEN

There are days that I feel like all I am doing is speeding and changing lanes. 


I have friends who are new empty nesters, and they say they feel this way.

I have friends going through divorces, and they say they feel this way.

I have friends who always look good and really put together, and they say they feel this way.

Women told me how this experience slowed down time for them. Gave them a chance to reconnect with themselves at this very important stage of their lives. I didn’t even realize it when I came up with the idea for doing them, but that’s exactly what I was seeking in my own life.


It made me realized that these transformations we go through are essential to honor and recognize so that comparison doesn’t steal our joy.

Transform sessions are not for anyone BUT YOU.  

They are magical, special sessions that will transform how you feel about yourself and will help you
positively re-define your femininity.

The photo shoot was easy. Shalista guided me through every step and I was comfortable with all of it. When I was finished I was kind of sad because we did have so much fun! I was nervous to see the images, but I knew by seeing images from other shoots that they would be wonderful. I loved my images and when I picked up my album I had to look at it right away. I would definitely do this again, and I would highly recommend that every woman do this for herself. It is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. I felt so beautiful and I think every woman deserves to feel beautiful!!
— Connie
I was so awkward, but by the end I was wearing nothing but stands of pearls & laughing & felt great. When I saw the pictures I was BLOWN AWAY. I couldn’t believe that was me. It looked like me but so much more....rawr! I walked out of the studio that day with a confidence I’ve never had. I’m a 49 year old mom, which I love. But after that day... I’m hot, I’m sexy & I’m a fun woman. I loved it!!

Shalista did a phenomenal job & every woman should go do this. The sassiness and confidence it gives you is so worth it!!! Can’t recommend it enough.
— Becky

Transform Sessions are personal, sensual, playful, ethereal, private and FUN.  AND LIMITED.

due to the timing and nature of these sessions, space is limited and we only have a handful of available times.


60 minute sunset photoshoot

Hair and makeup with a professional stylist

wardrobe and styling direction

 $400 print credit toward album

11x14 Metal Print



IMPORTANT SCHEDULING NOTE:    When booking, select your date and we will confirm the time of the session.
In general, we book 3 hours before sunset on the day.
Please keep in mind that the sun sets earlier each day as we move into fall, so be sure to adjust for work schedules, etc

* If we need to reschedule due to weather it will be at the soonest available weekday that both Shalista and Stylist are available. 

50% due to book • Balance due day of your session.