When should I book my boudoir session?

So, when should you schedule your Sioux Falls boudoir session?

Ideally we like to have clients in 8 weeks prior to the date they’d like their products in hand. If you have a special event coming up, that means two full months before that special day! Boudoir is an amazing gift, just make sure you plan out enough time to make it happen!

Here are our tips to schedule your boudoir session at the perfect time:

Plan to book your session 8 weeks before you want to give your session as gift. We do fill up during certain times of the year. We want to accommodate you, but thinking ahead will ensure you get your pick of dates and don’t have to rush!

Each session take at least two appointments. Your actual photography session and your ordering appointment. While we are really fast, sometimes your schedule might mean we you have a delay between session and ordering. Be sure to allow enough time for both of these appointments!

Our products are custom made to order and good products take time. Each image is lovingly retouched to perfection before it leaves the studio. Then our beautiful album partners will hand make your book exactly as you ordered with your chosen cover and options. Some of our high end albums can take up to 6 weeks for production, not including shipping. We provide the highest level of products, but we have to allow time for their creation! If you want the opportunity to have the best, be sure to make time!

Do you need a payment plan? (Yes, we do payment plans!) Our products are not printed or created until your order is paid in full. That means if you need additional time to pay, make sure you add that on to your timeline. We really want to meet your deadline, so plan ahead!